First Aid Training Level Two


First Aid – Level Two

First Aid Level Two is an intermediate course that expands on the topics covered in Level One with more detail and more practice time. It is ideal for anyone wanting a solid foundation of first aid knowledge and skills.

You do not need to complete First Aid Level One first, you can sign up directly on a First Aid Level Two course.

Level Two builds on the basic knowledge to also help you deal with less immediately threatening conditions and teaching you skills to apply when emergency services are unavailable or delayed.

  • Topics covered: 

All topics cover in Level one plus:

  1. Basic anatomy and physiology
  2. Crushing injuries, chest injuries, pelvic and abdominal injuries, eye injuriesbasiccpr
  3. Environmental illnesses and injuries
  4. Heart disease and diabetes
  5. Seizures and epilepsy
  6. Poisoning, bites and stings
  7. Water accidents
  8. General content of a first aid kit
  • Course summary:

Duration: 2 Days (24 hours)

Validity: 2 years – Department of Labour accredited

Includes: Tuition, text book

Reduced rate to be discussed if booking is for more than 15 people