Message from Director

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment are relevant to all Government and Private Sectors and it should be harmonize with all other business and commercial management systems. Occupational Health and Safety includes all aspects of administration, corporate communications, social responsibility, engineering technology, information technology, leisure facilities, offices and other areas.

Our Consultants and Trainers can develop your company Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Manual and set out the required scope, including the foundations on which appropriate Health, Safety and Environmental systems must be built. Occupational health and safety affects all aspects of a company’s activities and requires the commitment of all staff and contractors.

We will help your company to identify and control all obstacles to achievement best international standards, to be in line with the known pressures of production or performance targets, financial constraints and the complexity of your company’s activities. We will implement powerful incentives striving to achieve high Health, Safety and Environmental standards. These incentives include moral, legal and economic rewards.

The three main aspects of your companies HSE Management system are the Planning, Controlling and Continuous Improvement process. Proper planning is the key to implementing an accident free and efficient company. It is important to remind staff to think about everything they do before actually doing it.

We look forward assisting you and welcoming your business to our family.


Yours Sincerely;
Carl Frank Muller

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