How prepared would you be for an onsite safety inspection by local authority representatives?

It does not stop with written documentation. Safety inspections should be conducted on an ongoing basis. It will give your supervisors and employees knowledge of potential hazards and can save your company thousands of rand in insurance costs and claims.

Onsite audits provide a comprehensive and more in-depth evaluation than mystery shop evaluations allow for. You gain credibility by using Full Safety Compliance as an independent, third-party company. This saves your staff considerable time, and allows them to focus on other aspects of their responsibilities.

Insurance companies are requiring their commercial and industrial policy holders to meet certain Safety, Health and Environmental regulations and legislation. Most insurance companies will discount premiums to those companies who proactively pursue and maintain a compliant safety program.

Being proactive, in terms of SHE systems, will also decrease the liability should something happen on or off site. Our safety audits will offer loss control and inspection services that provide wide range of solutions, serving both small companies and large corporations.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a snapshot of existing inadequacies
  • Measure progress since last evaluation
  • Review compliance with new legislative requirements
  • Establish a more effective SHE program
  • Implementing an improvement effort planning
  • Possibility for reduction in insurance cost
  • Regulatory Compliance (RSA LEGAL SYSTEM)
  • Liability Reduction Opportunities
  • Program Effectiveness
  • Continuous Improvement and Bench marking to best practices
  • Internal Management Responsibility
  • Training needs of staff
  • Risk Management
  • Recommendations for improvements needed to be inline with local legislation and known best practices.
  1. Imminent danger
  2. Catastrophes and fatal accident
  3. Complaints and referral
  4. Programmed inspections