Advance Diploma (ADSRM)

Message from creator of course.

All Industries are dynamic, diverse and of critical importance to any ‘country’s economy’ and our quality of life. The health of the industry is directly linked to the health of its people. While industry occupational health and safety (OH&S) performance is improving, the current qualifications tend to focus on academic standards which fall a long way short of best practice and industries needs today. The Advanced Diploma in Safety Engineering and Risk Management (ADSERM) is updated to include the role of an HSE Manager today, whose focus must be to develop a companies competence framework forming the foundation of a positive health and safety culture. Too many employees, general public and others are still being killed and injured every year. This leaves a devastating legacy on government, industrial and community leaders not to mention the tragedy of families living through the devastation for the rest of their lives. 

In my view, sustained improvement will not happen without cultural change. The Advanced Diploma in Safety Engineering and Risk Management (ADSERM) is focused on creating a structured path and using competence based training to develop a safe culture and Full Safety Compliance is helping and working with all industry to help achieve this. Understanding both Occupational and Process Safety to prevent accidents and improve production is vital. However, improving a OH&S culture is a shared responsibility. Everybody associated with the industry has a role to play and this Diploma helps identify these roles and more specifically the safety management tasks to achieve them.

I commend this course to all involved in government, industry, military and particularly those who play leading roles in fostering and promoting young people and post graduates to build a positive safety culture that recognises and rewards improved OH&S initiative and performance. The organisation investment in developing a sustained positive safety culture will reap high rewards by protecting people, the environment and organisation profits.

Peter McNair (CFIOSH)