Exams and how you’re assessed

Examination Units

There are three major course Units (IGC1, IGC2 & IGC3) to successfully complete before you become fully certified with the NEBOSH National General Certificate qualification.

Exam Venue

The examinations are held four times each year and are to be taken at venue set out by the the registered NEBOSH examination centre. All exams will be evaluated/monitored through the British Council.

Exam Schedule

The examinations are scheduled on NEBOSH standard examination dates.

Written Exam Papers

Examinations comprise of two, two hour written papers for each of the core unit modules (namely IGC1 & GC2), which means there are two, 2-hour examinations in total. For each of the written papers (IGC1 + GC2) the exam questioning format consists of one long answer question and ten short answer questions – all of which you should attempt to gain maximum marks.

Practical Exam Papers

In addition, students must complete a practical inspection report assessment for Unit GC3. The practical paper IGC3 consists of carrying out a risk assessment of their workplace and preparing a Management report.

How your NEBOSH papers are marked

The core Unit exam papers will be marked by approved NEBOSH examiners that provide basic feedback and an overall grade. You need to gain a minimum passing grade of 45 marks out of 100 for each of the core Unit exam papers. The GC3 practical assessment is graded by your assigned Full Safety Compliance tutor and a minimum passing grade of 60 out of 100 marks is required to successfully pass.

IMPORTANT! Only students who have enrolled with NEBOSH through Full Safety Compliance, accredited NEBOSH training center 1350 are eligible to register for the examination.