First Aid Training

We provide First Aid Training Levels one, two and three. All our First Aid Courses are accredited by the Department of Labour.


Additional Service

We are registered with the Department of Labour, therefore we can assist  Discovery Vitality clients to send through your certificate to Discovery Medical Aid where you will receive 2500 Vitality points for partaking in the First aid course.

Please take note that this is only for Discovery Medical aid members.

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Group Size:

No minimum or maximum group size. Price based on number of students. Extra instructor/s sent for large groups.


We can run the courses wherever you are, or in the comfort of your business.


These courses can be run anytime. We base our service around your schedule.

Booking process:

Contact us > Get a Quote. Sign if you need an Invoice > Pay the deposit > Join the Course


You’ll receive your certificate at the end of the course. Provided you’ve paid, passed exams/practical & sent your details before the course.The certificate is valid for a period of 3

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