Incident Investigations

Do you seek assistance with accident investigations, or developing a system for future incident investigations?

Accident investigation is a key component of injury prevention and reduction, as required by law.  Incidents, including injuries, exposures, near-misses/close-calls, environmental releases, or property damage cases are unfortunate events… but they are also opportunities for significant learning.  Companies and businesses that do not take advantage of these situations are often doomed to repeat the same mistakes that led to the incident to begin with.

The Most Effective Incident Investigation Tools

The depth and scope of our investigation will be commensurate with the severity or potential severity of the incident and the goals of the analysis identified in conjunction with the organization. We utilize the most effective incident investigation tools to get below the surface explanations and identify the real contributing factors and root causes to the incident.

Confidential Reporting About Our Findings

Upon completion of the investigation a confidential report that includes our findings and recommendations will be delivered. We are also comfortable working with your legal team to ensure limited organizational liability. The bottom line is that incidents are unfortunate events.

Full Safety Compliance can help you ensure that they don’t happen