Key Topics Covered

  1. International standards for Health and Safety at work;
  2. Implementation of Health and Safety Management Systems
  3. Identification of Workplace Hazards
  4. Methods of Hazard Control
  5. Practical application of knowledge and understanding

Full Safety Compliance provides NEBOSH International general certificate in block weeks and part time training delivery, specializing in Health, Safety and Environmental qualifications. We are accredited by the awarding body of the UK’s National Examination Board of Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) center number 1350.

Who Should Attend

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is suitable for Supervisors, Managers and staff based in South Africa from all types of organisations making day-to-day decisions at work that need a broad understanding of Health and Safety issues and be able to manage risks effectively.

Course Durationnebosh-book

The duration of the Course is 11 days including exams


Unit 1: IGC1 – Management of Interntational Health & Safety

Element 1: Foundation in Health and Safety
Element 2: Health & safety management systems 1 – Plan
Element 3: Health & safety management systems 2 – Do                                   Element 4: Health & safety management systems – Risk Assessment and Controls 3 – DO2
Element 5: Health & safety management systems 4 – Check
Element 6: Health & safety management systems 5 – Act

Unit 2: IGC2 – Control of International Workplace Hazards

Element 1: Workplace hazards & risk control
Element 2: Transport hazards & risk control
Element 3: Musculoskeletal hazards & risk control
Element 4: Work equipment hazards & risk control
Element 5: Electrical safety
Element 6: Fire hazards and risk control
Element 7: Chemical & biological health hazards & risk control
Element 8: Physical & psychological health hazards & risk control       Element 9: Summary of ILO, OSH conventions, Legal frameworks and country examples.

Unit 3: IGC3 – International Health and Safety Practical Application

The practical assessment is carried out in the candidates own workplace. The practical must be completed within 5 days of the IGC2 written examination.


Candidates are assessed with two written and one practical examination. Candidates need to pass all three units within a five-year period. A unit certificate is issued denoting successful achievement of each unit. A certificate award parchment is issued on completion of the three units.


  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Cape Town
  • Port Elizabeth