Quality Policy Statement

The scope of business of Full Safety Compliance includes the design and delivery of Assessor, Moderator, and Facilitation Skills.

Full Safety Compliance is fully committed, through its Mission, to providing the very best quality service by satisfying customer requirements and expectations through its activities.

Management is therefore committed to implementing the quality principle as advanced by the South Africa Qualifications Authority, and as such commits to:

  • Providing the required resources and equipment needed by our learners to ensure they are able to apply their learning in a realistic environment as similar as possible to the naturally occurring working environment
  • Employing the best employees in their chosen job so as to ensure quality delivery and implementation of the stated objectives of the company, continuously maintained through specific targeted training and performance appraisal
  • Ensuring current best-practice in terms of learning programme development, provision and review so as to achieve the stated outcomes
  • Ensuring our learners are at the appropriate level to take advantage of the learning we provide, and providing such learners with ongoing support and guidance in terms of their learning and chosen career field
  • Implementing financial management and control that adheres to generally accepted accounting practices
  • Implementing outcomes-based assessment that adheres to the principles of best practice to ensure a credible and valid assessment decision
  • Continuously applying the review of all activities conducted within the company to ensure compliance with the quality requirements
  • Managing administration and document control procedures to ensure adherence to the requirements of confidentiality and safe storage
  • Implementing internal auditing of all activities, policies and procedures adopted by the company to ensure continued compliance with the accreditation requirements

Quality objectives will be set each year and reviewed during the annual Quality Committee meeting to strive for continual improvement in performance.

Every employee has the authority and obligation to stop and correct any non-conforming practice or situation.

I am personally committed and I, on behalf of Management, empower all employees to make the achievement of this Policy a personal responsibility in their area of operation.


Carl Frank Muller

Managing Director