Risk Assessment

The most effective organizations know that what you don’t know can hurt you! Risk is present in nearly every facet of life, and if you don’t proactively seek it out and manage it, it will find you eventually.

A Variety of Tools & Risk Assessment Techniques

We utilize a variety of tools and techniques in our risk assessment process, based upon the risk being assessed. These include, but are not limited to, qualitative risk assessments, quantitative or probabilistic risk assessments, fault tree analysis, event tree analysis and Human Factors.

Developing a Risk Assessment Plan

Our risk assessment process starts with identifying the goals of the risk assessment – what are we trying to find out and what’s the best way to get that information? Once identified, we’ll work with you to develop a risk assessment plan that ensures success. Upon completion of the risk assessment a confidential written report can be completed to detail findings and recommendations. Whether it’s building a risk assessment process from the ground up, or just providing the second set of eyes on a pivotal aspect of your business, let our team help you!


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