Swellpro made the First and the Ultimate Waterproof Drone

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The founder of Swellpro Drones:

Before 2013, the founder of Swellpro, Eric Hu has been dedicated to the Research and Development of Waterproof Cameras and Hobby Plane for many years. In 2013, Eric Hu came up with the idea of inventing waterproof drones when he travelled to the Caribbean islands and witnessed a drone crashing into the sea. When Eric came back to China, he began to design and manufacture a waterproof drone.

After Eric Hu comes back to China, he starts “FPV Factory” (which was the predecessor to Swellpro) with a group of RC aircraft experts, and exploit waterproof drone in the meantime. In initial stage, the whole team went through countless obstacles, use various solutions, and conquer countless obstacles, such as how to make the drone hovering with a sealed body, how to do heat dissipation, use what kind of dynamical system, etc…The gratifying thing is, we overcome all this issues, and apply for serious of related patents.

Until today, Swellpro’s waterproof gimbal remains as a big achievement and success, and a big difficulty that few of others are capable of overcoming.As time went by, the team at Swellpro even developed a new flight controller on their own, for their own requirements, instead of buying a ready-made one, to make the drones adapt to various tough conditions, supper easy to use, as well as helpful to make mass production.

Why Did Swellpro Make Drones Waterproof?
Since the earth is 70% water, now and then, people have to fly drones around water. However, oftentimes, drones like DJI Phantoms may run out of battery, lost signal or just go crazy, crash on the water, sink to the bottom and are gone for good.

Even if you retrieve the body, repair may cost you lots of bucks. Drone failures can be caused by pilots’ mistakes, malfunctions and many other uncontrollable reasons, no matter how experienced the pilots are. It is no easy task to take off a drone from a boat and land it on the boat. Some guys might say:”hey, I often fly my bird offshore without any issue!” But they don’t know that the moisture and salt in the air will eat the electronics little by little, shortening the lifespan of their beloved flying camera. In some areas where the weather is humid or changing rapidly most of the time, drones become completely useless as most of them are not even weatherproof.

To solve those pains, in 2013, Swellpro invented the Mariner Drone, the first amphibious drone that incorporated a fully waterproof quad-copter frame, waterproof motors, and a Go-pro housing. It can be floating on the surface and even film underwater. In 2015, Swellpro released Splash drone on Kick-starter, the enhanced version of Mariner drone, which introduced the first waterproof Go-pro gimbals for capturing smoother footage’s. Pilots can fly Splash drones wherever they want, to get their cameras close to the surf and capture the ideal shots out of sight, or drop fishing baits far away with total peace of mind.